Fritz & Fertig Episode 3
Fritz & Fertig Episode 3
Fritz & Fertig Episode 3

Fritz & Fertig Episode 3

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Autor: Lengwenus, Björn; Hilbert, Joerg
Verlag: ChessBase
Sprache: German

For Windows only.

The third part of the award-winning chess software series "Fritz & Fertig" is a must for anyone who has already acquired solid chess knowledge with the first two episodes. This time, the player accompanies Fritz and Bianca to the Bärental village fair. Of course, everything there is very different to a normal fair, because in the funny stalls - from bumper cars to can throwing to fortune tellers, ghost trains and Ferris wheels - everything revolves around chess. But it is not for nothing that the subtitle of this episode is "Chess for winners", because of course, despite all the fun, the focus is on imparting serious chess knowledge.

From the content:

Introduction of the chess clock
Thought roadmap
Opening tree
Motives: diversion, interruption, removing defensive figure
Recognize mat motifs
Chess variants (blitz chess, robber chess)
Endgame training: rook against pawn, key fields, checkmate with knight and bishop, and much more

System requirements: Pentium II processor, 32 MB RAM (16 MB free memory), 16-bit sondblaster compatible
Sound card, 16 x speed CD-ROM drive, graphics card: resolution 800 x 600 at 16-bit color depth, Windows 7, 8, 10

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