Endspiel Turbo 4

Final Turbo 4

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Perfect endgame analysis and a huge performance gain for your engines in the endgame area. This is what the new Endgame Turbo 4 offers. Thanks to the new format (Syzygy), the new Turbo is slimmer, faster and at the same time significantly more comprehensive: The 4 DVDs offer you the perfect evaluation for all endgame positions with 3, 4 and 5 pieces, as well as 27 of the most important 6-piece positions. With the programs ChessBase 13/14, Fritz 15/16, Komodo 11 and Houdini 6 you can immediately check whether a corresponding endgame position is won, lost or a draw. In addition, Komodo Chess 11 and Houdini 6 use the knowledge of the Endgame Turbo when analyzing more complex endgames and thus achieve reliable results more quickly and improve your playing strength.