Dvoretsky/Pervakov: Studies for Practitioners

Dvoretsky/Pervakov: Studies for Practitioners

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Autor: Dworetski, Mark; Pervakov, Oleg
Verlag: Yusupov Chess Academy
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 255

In the foreword to his book, Mark Dvoretsky writes:
"... There are studies that look so realistic that it seems to us as if it were an endgame from some real game. Such studies have a special value, and therefore they have, quite rightly, been given a secure place in chess textbooks. Thanks to their uniqueness, these studies are easier to remember. One can put together interesting ideas and positions with great practical significance there...\''


1. Study Tournament
- Studies for database
- Results of the competition

2. Two study topics
- False runner
- Fifth wheel on the wagon

3. Training
- Studies by Wotawa
- Challenge to duel

4. From Steinitz to Morozevich
- Studies by practitioners
- On top of Olympus
- Grandmaster composers

5. Appendix
- List of composers
- List of games
- Legend

255 pages, 2009, hardcover.