Dvoretsky: Tragicomedies in the endgame

Dvoretsky: Tragicomedies in the endgame

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Autor: Dworetski, Mark
Verlag: Yusupov Chess Academy
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 301

By "tragicomedies" I mean cases of gross mistakes in the endgame that are sad for the players themselves but amusing for the spectators. As already noted in "Endgame University", where several chapters ended with a section on "tragicomedies", such examples serve as an excellent warning against ignoring elementary endgame theory. Moreover, practice has shown that tragicomedies are well remembered and thus help to better assimilate the endgame ideas contained in them. (from the preface)


Chapter 1. "Swimming\'' in theory\''

Rook and pawn (in the opponent's half of the board) against rook
Rook and pawn (in your own half of the board) against rook
Rook and edge pawn against rook / a- and h-pawns
- and h-farmers
Lasker idea
More pawns on one wing
Rook against pawn
Rook against minor piece \r\nRook and bishop against rook
Queen and pawn against queen
Queen versus Rook

Chapter 2. King in the endgame

Activity of the King
The King's Marching Routes
Body check
Cutting off the king

Chapter 3. Strength of the Peasants

Dangerous passed pawn
Farmers' race
Removed passed pawn
Isolated free farmers
Connected pawns
Farmer structure

Chapter 4. Zugzwang

Don’t be forced to act!
Mutual pressure
Reserve tempi

Chapter 5. In search of salvation

Perpetual check, perpetual pursuit

Chapter 6. Tactics

Double attack
Various tactical motifs
Trap game

Chapter 7. Figure play: maneuvers and exchanges

Position of the figures
Transition to the pawn endgame

Chapter 8. Technology

Prophylactic thinking
Gain or loss of speed
Turn order

Chapter 9. Premature termination of the fight

Unfounded surrender
Draw agreement in a winning position
Closing words

Mark Dvoretsky (born December 9, 1947) is one of the best trainers of our time and a successful author. His bestseller "The Endgame University" has inspired many chess lovers (from amateurs to grandmasters). This new endgame book can be seen as both a sequel and an introduction to "The Endgame University".
Using examples of instructive mistakes from new and old games by strong players, "The Tragicomedies" remind us of the most important theoretical positions in a very entertaining way, supplement and explain many typical endgame ideas and thus deepen our endgame knowledge. Only those who have read this book can be sure of avoiding such mistakes in the future.

301 pages, hardcover, 2010