Dreyer/Sieg: Emanuel Lasker Chess, Philosophy, Science

Dreyer/Sieg: Emanuel Lasker Chess, Philosophy, Science

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Autor: Dreyer, Michael; Victory, Ulrich
Verlag: European Publishing House
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 289

"Certainly Lasker's fame today is mainly due to the fact that he was the only German to be world chess champion for twenty-seven years (1894-1921); longer than any world champion before or after him. But reducing his life to this aspect overlooks that Lasker, with unusual intellectual versatility, was also creative and productive in other areas. It is the task of this volume to pursue Lasker's life's work in these areas."
In this volume, seven authors deal with Emanuel Lasker, the world chess champion, mathematician and philosopher – an intellectual between worlds in turbulent times of accelerated social change and radical political upheaval.

The publishers

Michael Dreyer, together with Andreas Braune, heads the Weimar Republic Research Center at the University of Jena and is chairman of the “Weimar Republic eV” association. His research focuses on the history of ideas in the 19th and 20th centuries in Germany and the USA, the constitutional order, political theory and international impact of the Weimar Republic, and the political system of the USA. Publications include “Hugo Preuß (1860–1925). Biography of a Democrat”, Stuttgart, 2018; with Oliver Lembcke: The German discussion about the question of war guilt in 1918/19, Berlin 1998, as well as numerous publications.

Ulrich Sieg teaches modern history as an adjunct professor at the Philipps University of Marburg. Academic activity in Asuncíon, Jerusalem, Montreal, Oxford, Tokyo and Washington. Book publications include: The Rise and Fall of Marburg Neo-Kantianism. The History of a Philosophical School Community, Würzburg 1994; Jewish Intellectuals in the First World War. War Experiences, Ideological Debates and Cultural Redesigns, Berlin 2001 (2nd edition 2008); Germany's Prophet. Paul de Lagarde and the Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism, Munich 2007 (English translation 2013); Mind and Violence. German Philosophers between the Empire and National Socialism, Munich 2013; The Power of the Will. Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche and Her World, Munich 2019.

289 pages, paperback, 2nd edition 2023