Das Schachbuch für Einsteiger

The chess book for beginners

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Learn chess – but do it right! Let yourself be fascinated by the history of chess, from its origins in India, its journey to Europe, to the match of the century between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in 1972 and today's world-class players. In this textbook, which is clearly structured and easy to understand, you will learn everything you need to know to get started: the movements of the pieces, all the special rules, the art of checkmate, as well as the most important opening principles, many checkmate tasks, tricks and tips on tactics and endgame technique. On the DVD, grandmaster Klaus Bischoff shows you all the rules of chess in 14 video lessons in a humorous and instructive way and explains important motives and plans. The best thing: with the Fritz chess program you can solve chess tasks interactively and play your first game. Don't worry: Fritz will help you with the coach function. And how do you find "real" playing partners? Your opponents are already waiting on the internet chess server schach.de. With this DVD you can play for 3 months free of charge on the world's largest chess portal. This is how you train chess today: with ChessBase & lots of fun!