Müller: The Endgame Art of the World Champions Volume 2 - from Petrosian to Carlsen

Müller: The Endgame Art of the World Champions Volume 2 - from Petrosian to Carlsen

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Autor: Müller, Karsten
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 226

Since the world chess champions are naturally excellent in all areas of the game, their skills are the ones that can be learned the most, and it goes without saying that the endgame is no exception. Whether they were renowned tacticians or excellent positional players, whether they analyzed their openings in depth or played them more intuitively, it is completely impossible that any of them could have won the highest title if they had not also mastered the endgame phase like world champions.
And to enable his readers to learn from the world champions, the author has focused his attention on their individual areas of expertise - such as Petrosian's unerring instinct for the right exchange, Spassky's handling of the initiative, Fischer's precision in the 'Fischer endgame' named after him with 'rook + bishop against rook + knight', Karpov's dominance and restriction methods, Kasparov's king attacks with reduced material, Kramnik's strategic power play, Anand's unceasing active pressure game and - last but not least - Carlsen's technique in the 'Carlsen endgame' named after him with rooks and bishops of the same color.
In addition, all kinds of "evergreen classics" from individual players are offered, some of which appear in a new light thanks to current analyses. The reader also has the ideal training opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of the world champions by means of numerous tasks and to look for solutions themselves. Since the model of the 4 player types is also discussed in passing, additional information can be gained about the importance of this topic, especially in the endgame.
And in this spirit, the Romanian grandmaster and endgame expert Mihail Marin extends in his foreword the invitation not only to study the most outstanding endgame performances of the world champions, but also to enjoy them.
Using QR codes on each diagram, you can download the position directly to your smartphone and analyze or replay it as needed. The cumbersome and error-prone manual input is no longer necessary and the analog and digital worlds merge directly into one another.
224 pages, bound with ribbon bookmark, 1st edition 2021