Strategie-Kompass Band 4: Die Französische Vorstoßvariante

Strategy Compass Volume 4: The French Advance Variation

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Today it is easy to get a huge number of games of any variation. You can try to learn the variations by heart and maybe find a great new move - but how often do you win a game with a prepared variation? The strong players are not strong because they know some amazing innovation, but because they know their areas well, have a deep understanding of the pawn structures of their openings and know what plans there are in the ensuing middlegame and even endgame. Those who are in familiar territory always have an advantage. In this DVD, Sam Collins examines the structure of the French Advance Variation (white pawns on d4 and e5, black pawns on d5 and e6, the c-file is open). It is the typical structure of the French Defense, but also occurs in a number of other openings, eg the Caro-Kann Advance Variation, the Queen's Indian, the Catalan, the Slav and a number of Anti-Sicilians. The blocked center leads to a shift of play to the wings. The e5 pawn gives White a space advantage, and White usually operates on the kingside, either with pieces or with the typical pawn advances h4-h5 and f4-f5. Black plays on the queenside, seeking simplifications or countering with …f6 at the right moment, leading to a battle in the center. The relatively closed nature of the position leads to strategic play, where knowledge of the typical plans for both sides is crucial. Video time: 3 hours 36 minutes