The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol.1 and The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol.2

The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol.1 and The Chess Player's Mating Guide Vol.2

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Even beginners learn that you should quickly bring the king to safety by castling short or long after you have developed your minor pieces. If you ignore this rule of thumb, not only will the king quickly get into trouble, but the other pieces and especially the rooks will not be able to use their full power. Even at the highest level, the consequences of ignoring this basic rule of the opening game have often been underestimated. The first episode of the new "Mating Guide" series shows how to take advantage of the opponent's king being exposed in the center. In ten chapters and with the help of 20 example games, the author shows everything you need to know to master this topic using key motifs such as development advantage, preventing the opponent's castling, open e-file and numerous sacrifice motifs. Beginners and master players can benefit from this DVD, as it offers detailed analyses of simple examples (also from the author's practice) and classic attacking games by top grandmasters. At the end there are ten tasks that challenge you to test your knowledge. Definitely a must for aspiring players who want to improve their chess or enjoy beautiful attacking chess!


The first DVD in the Chess Players Mating Guide series showed typical ideas on how to exploit the uncastled king. Part 2 now deals with the castling king and specifically with methods of capitalising on the weakened kingside. Various well-known themes, pawn formations and other attacking weapons are examined in 8 chapters to challenge the viewer to identify and exploit the weaknesses. IM Robert Ris has put together an interesting selection of famous duels as well as games from his own practice to show the typical ideas on how to exploit the weaknesses in the pawn formation in front of the castling king. The selected material is a good warm-up for the exercises presented at the end to test your own knowledge on the subject. By then, you will at least be able to confidently claim that you have become as dangerous an attacking player as Tal, Alekhine, Fischer or any of your other favourites. Watch, learn and have fun!