Brunia/van Wijgerden: Chess Learning Book Level 1 Extra

Brunia/van Wijgerden: Chess Learning Book Level 1 Extra

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Autor: van Wijgerden, Cor
Verlag: van Wijgerden
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German, English
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 56

Additional exercise material for the Stappen method level 1

The level can thus be deepened through a variety of new tasks at the same level of difficulty.

The extra workbook is full of exercises. The first half of the extra workbook contains tasks with the same topics as in the Level 1 workbook. These not only serve as additional practice, but also as repetition.

* Capture an uncovered piece
* Defend (pull away, cover, hit, move in between)
* Parry chess
* Matt in a
* Think of a mate
* Castling
* Advantageous exchange
* Double attack

The second half of the book contains mixed exercises. There is no indication of the topic of the exercise, which makes them more like a real game. Solving such exercises is difficult for a first-level player. Fortunately, the topics covered in the first level are limited: winning material, checkmating in one go and defending. That's almost everything. For each exercise, the student has to tick off a list of three questions:
- Can I win material?
- Can I checkmate?
- Is one of my characters in danger?

56 pages, 7th edition 2021, DIN A4 stapled