Schachtaktik 3 - Die Techniken im Opferangriff

Chess Tactics 3 - The Techniques in the Sacrificial Attack

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It is not genius and magic that are the mothers of successful sacrificial attacks, but above all: good technique. Even in brilliant combinations there are sequences of motifs that can be observed again and again in similar form in other games. This is why players of all skill levels can learn and refine these techniques in the sacrificial attack themselves! It is by no means the secret knowledge of brilliant attacking players such as Mikhail Tal or Garry Kasparov. However, the basis of a good attacking technique is knowledge and training. In the last part of his tactics trilogy, International Master Martin Breutigam presents the most important sacrificial turns, again with many teaching and practice examples from the games of grandmasters and world champions. In five chapters and in a systematic order, the author explains, among other things, the typical sacrificial turns in the king attack: "Opening lines with pawns", "The bishop sacrifice on h7 (or h2)", "Sacrificial attack on h6", "Creating wedge pawns" are just some of the topics. There are also other turns known from various openings, such as the "knight sacrifice on d5". The DVD offers an extensive repertoire of ideas for the attack. Video playing time: 7 hours (German)