Schachtaktik 2 - Muster der Meister

Chess Tactics 2 - Patterns of the Masters

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How do I recognize the tactical tricks in my games? How should I attack? And how do I calculate? Good answers to the often difficult questions at the board can be found by knowing as many tactical patterns as possible. The content of this DVD follows on from the first in this series (“Chess Tactics 1 – Learning to Combine”). The focus of “Chess Tactics 2 – Masters’ Patterns” is on getting to know and recognizing relatively complex tactical motifs. The approximately 200 teaching and practice fragments, mostly taken from the tournament practice of masters and grandmasters, are divided into 35 clips and five chapters. The subject area ranges from “recognizing patterns” and “finding candidate moves” to “pawn tactics” (e.g. “breakthroughs”, “forming passed pawns”) and other subtle combination types (“capturing pieces”, “draw motifs”) to the typical approach to a checkmate attack (“attack on the fianchetto”, “wedge pawns in the king’s attack”, etc.). Each topic is usually dedicated to three video clips (introduction, test tasks and solutions). In the last chapter, you can check in "simulated tournament tests" whether the tactics training is already bearing fruit. Those who have seen and studied the masters' patterns will also find them easier in their own games. Video playing time: 6 hours 20 minutes