Reti-Eröffnung - Ein modernes Repertoire

Reti Opening - A modern repertoire

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The Reti opening has a brilliant reputation. It is extremely solid, but still rich in cunning and variable. It is no wonder that such a sustainable concept is part of the repertoire of many top grandmasters. In addition, this opening is relatively easy to learn - even for amateurs - because it is more about knowing general plans; the number of critical variations that one really should remember remains manageable.
The starting position of the concept developed by Richard Reti in the 1920s is created after 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 (thematic positions can also arise in all sorts of detours). Reti's basic idea was to leave the two central pawns (d2 and e2) behind for the time being and instead to control the center with piece pressure. To this end, the king's bishop is usually fianchettoed early on (g3, Bg2), sometimes - depending on Black's reaction - a fianchetto also follows on the queenside (b3, Bb2).
In 20 clips, International Master Martin Breutigam explains a modern repertoire for the Reti opening - a mixture of classic standard knowledge and current trends. You can then check to what extent you have mastered the Reti opening by solving test tasks. A database with many other model games for the respective variations complements the training material.