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It has been 4 years since my book on the Chebanenko Slav was published and we can definitely say that this opening is more popular than ever and that everyone associates Chebanenko's name with the 4...a6 line in the Slav. Of course, thousands and thousands of games have been played in these four years (some of them at the highest level), so I was tempted to put some work into this opening again, but this time in DVD format. It was no surprise to me that Chebanenko had become even stronger with the help of strong engines, which in the case of the 4...a6 line is explained by additional defensive options for Black. Recently I was faced with the situation of playing White against Vladimir Malakhov in a very important game at the 2012 European Championship, and I just couldn't find a trace of an advantage against his Chebanenko Slav, so I played 1.e4. So the conclusion is simple: play Chebanenko Slav with Black and you will force White to switch to 1.e4! Video time: 4 hours 40 minutes (English)