Der wahre Wert der Figuren

The true value of the figures

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Queen against two rooks or three minor pieces, or rook and pawn against two minor pieces - these are typical situations in which the material is unbalanced. When we first start playing chess, we are taught the nominal value of the pieces. The queen is worth nine pawns, the rook five, and a minor piece is worth three pawns. This is a sensible solution with the aim of giving the beginner a system of values ​​so that he or she does not initially give up a more valuable piece for a less valuable one. Later, however, situations may arise in games in which one side has the opportunity to exchange two minor pieces (six pawns) for a rook and pawn (also six pawns). In theory, this should lead to an equal position, but in reality one of the two sides will certainly benefit from the exchange. There are many cases in chess where such a material imbalance exists. In his new DVD, Bulgarian GM Dejan Bojkov sets out to systematize the most important of these and gives valuable advice on how to handle the resulting positions. He also explains the hidden factors to consider in situations of material imbalance - the perfect guide to the art of the correct piece exchange.