Caro-Kann - Berliner Geheimvarianten Band 1 und 2

Caro-Kann - Berlin Secret Variations Volume 1 and 2

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Danish chess legend Bent Larsen is famously credited with the ironic quote: "If you play Caro-Kann when you're young, what will you play when you're old?" Admittedly, Caro-Kann had a somewhat dusty, even boring image for a long time. Positional strategists like world champion Anatoly Karpov chose this solid opening to take the wind out of their dynamic opponents' sails early on. But Caro-Kann has had an image makeover in recent years - in addition to its solidity, it can also show a very aggressive side. On my two DVDs I present a complete repertoire for black against the move 1.e4. I attach particular importance to not only interpreting the variations for simplification and draws, but also giving you a winning weapon with the move 1...c6.