Averbakh/Kotow/Judowitsch: The chess book for the master of tomorrow

Averbakh/Kotow/Judowitsch: The chess book for the master of tomorrow

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Autor: Averbakh, Yuri; Kotov, Alexander; Yudovich, Mikhail
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 248

This almost classic "teaching and training work" by three well-known Russian chess masters emerged from a companion volume to a Soviet TV chess college. It covers the three phases of chess in separate chapters, for each of which one of the three authors is responsible as an expert. After a historical outline, Mikhail Judowitsch devotes himself to opening theory, presenting the most important beginnings of the game with a brief introduction and focusing on the general opening principles. In the second chapter, Alexander Kotow deals with positional and combination play in the middle phase of the game, while the third part explains Yuri Averbakh's "Theory and Practice of Endgames". The work, now in its 6th edition, is aimed at advanced young people and is ideal for both chess courses and self-taught study. The exercises interspersed in all chapters are quite demanding, so the reader should not shy away from independent thinking and intensive analysis work. But chess cannot work without that anyway!

Mikhail Yudovich (1911-1987), Russian master and author, was considered a leading theoretician of his time. IM title in 1950 and correspondence chess IM (1961) and GM (1973).

Alexander Kotov (1913-1981) was one of the best players in the USSR in the 1950s; GM title in 1950. Author of several important chess books.

Yuri Averbakh (* 1922), GM title in 1952, currently the oldest living chess grandmaster; World Championship candidate in 1953. At one time an official of the Soviet Chess Federation. Chess historian, editor and author of standard works on endgame theory, among others.

A classic teaching and training work for self-study, which is also suitable for teaching in schools and clubs.

248 pages, paperback, 7th edition 2020