Ataman: Instructive Chess Miniatures

Ataman: Instructive Chess Miniatures

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Autor: Ataman, Alper
Verlag: gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Sprache: English

The author has selected 53 miniatures from throughout chess history – the earliest are from the 1850s, while the most recent are from grandmaster events just a few months ago. A miniature is a decisive game, won in 25 moves or fewer. Most of these 53 games feature brilliant tactics, attacks on the king, and even a few outrageous king-hunts. In many, the winner had to overcome cunning defensive plots and inventive counterattacks.

But our aim in this book is not just to admire the players' skill, but to learn how we can play like this in our own games. Chess coach Ataman is keenly focused on the instructive points, explaining which features of the position justified the attacks, and what prompted the critical decisions. Where analysis is given, it is restricted to what it would be realistic for a human to work out at the board.

127 pages, 2016, paperback, English.