Ehn/Kastner: Everything about chess

Ehn/Kastner: Everything about chess

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Autor: Ehn, Michael; Kastner, Hugo
Verlag: Humboldt
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 464

Myths - Curiosities - Superlatives

• From stories and legends, famous players, legendary games to the best anecdotes, sayings and quotes – here chess fans will find everything worth knowing about the world of the royal game
• Comprehensive, entertaining and sorted by topic

An exciting journey through the world of chess
Chess occupies a special place among all games. For some, chess is a science, for others, an art. Still others see the duel between chess players as a sport that requires concentration, endurance, willingness to learn and specialist knowledge. It is precisely this diversity that has fascinated countless people since it originated in India 1500 years ago. In their book, Michael Ehn and Hugo Kastner present the entire world of chess. History & myth, master & amateur, game & tournament, art & literature, problem & study, knight's move and castling - sorted by these topics, the authors show in a comprehensive, informative and entertaining way what an almost endless adventure the game of chess can be.

From the content:
The last thousand years
Coffeehouse, politics and metropolises
Historical rankings
Women’s power
Profiles of the World Champions
Records: Match & Position
Records: Tournament & Competition
Cinematic chess images
Sayings and quotes
Control engineering milestones

The authors: The sociologist and chess historian Michael Ehn owns one of the largest collections of chess literature and memorabilia. He is the author of several specialist books on the subject and writes regularly for specialist magazines and the daily press. Hugo Kastner has been teaching at a Viennese high school for more than thirty years and is a school chess coach. He is extremely successful as an author of books on game topics, including "The Great Humboldt Chess Collection".

464 pages, paperback, 1st edition 2010