Alekhine: On the way to the World Championship 1923-1927

Alekhine: On the way to the World Championship 1923-1927

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Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Sprache: German

The fourth world champion in chess history, Alexander Alekhine, is considered one of the greatest combination artists among chess world champions. Countless brilliant games are testament to his creative power, the dynamism of his game, the depth of his calculations at the board. It was these skills that took him to the top of the chess world, even if he adapted his playing style to that of his great opponent in his world championship match against Capablanca. It speaks for itself that later world chess champions (such as Kasparov) have declared Alekhine to be their chess role model. This work offers a selection of 100 games from the period 1923-1927, the decisive phase on the way to the title. It is the continuation of the anthology My Best Games 1908-1923 and, like it, is one of the top publications in Alekhine's literary legacy. The book covers everything from his stay in the USA in 1923/24 to tournaments in Europe and Argentina and his match against Capablanca in 1927, and a chapter on blindfold games has also been included. Alekhine was known to be an outstanding blindfold player who set several world records in blindfold simultaneous play (New York 1924, Paris 1925, Chicago 1933). Each chapter is enhanced by an informative introductory text.

Thanks to Alekhine's skill in commenting, the reader quickly falls under the spell of the games, including unforgettable pieces of bravura - just think of the brilliant game against Réti in Baden-Baden in 1925, which Alekhine also counted among his best performances. A reading material that can still fascinate chess fans many years after its first publication (1932). An indispensable work for every collection of game collections.

238 pages, 6th edition 2014, paperback