Kadetten-WM startet mit einem Tag Verspätung

Cadet World Championship starts one day late

The Cadet World Championship was supposed to start yesterday. But apparently the conditions were so bad that the start of the tournament was postponed by one round.
At the Cadet World Championships, the U8 to U12 age groups compete for boys and girls. Previously, all age groups were held centrally. However, it became increasingly difficult to find hosts, so the Youth World Championships were split into Cadet World Championships and Youth World Championships to make it easier to find venues.
In 2023, the Cadet World Championships were scheduled to take place from October 16 to 26 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Egypt has produced some strong grandmasters, but they have not yet hosted many youth championships.

Now the first round has been postponed in order to comply with the technical standards and implement the Fide requirements.

This would never happen at an adult tournament, but as we have already explained in previous articles, the public focus on the quality of events is not there in the youth sector. This is evident when you look at the quality of a youth championship like this.

A total of 14 German players are taking part. None of them are favourites for a medal. The only top ten player in the starting rankings is Nazar Tarasenko, who recently secured sponsorship for this World Championship. It's a good sign that there are companies that support young chess players!