Harry Huber, Schach-YouTuber

Harry Huber, chess YouTuber

A new work by chess poet Martin Hahn about an upcoming YouTube star...

"Magnus blundered the Queen," says new YouTube star Harry Huber. Thanks to his razor-sharp analysis and precise way of expressing himself, Harry will soon outstrip the Great Greek - or will he? Let's ask Harry's cooperation partner, chess poet Martin Hahn.

Here is episode 31 from the series "Chess poems by & with Martin Hahn":

Harry Huber, chess YouTuber

Hi, allow me, Harry Huber,
Germany's coolest chess YouTuber!
Subscribe to me, press the bell,
See how I rock the pieces,
Proudly raise your head like Oskar,
Licking my lips vainly,
Denglisch babble like crazy,
Without my verbal garbage stopping.

Listen to how I feast on it,
That I have to tell you:
'Magnus blundered the Queen!'
Unfamiliar with chess history,
I don't even have a DWZ;
But the engine makes up for it,
Shows variants that push well,
Unmask elite losers!

Love me, buy my merchandise,
I have swag, I'm hot shit -
Harry Huber, remember me!
Soon I will certainly be
Number one in terms of access numbers,
Go into the annals,
Drink the Greek and
Right after that, Hikaru.

©️ Martin Hahn aka Nathan Rihm, 2024