Freud und Leid bei Deutschen Teams

Joy and sorrow for German teams

It could have been a perfect day for the German delegation at the European Team Championships in Montenegro. Vincent Keymer celebrated his 19th birthday, contributed to the men's team success with a win, and things also looked good for the women against Azerbaijan.
However, the ladies had to endure a number of unfortunate developments on the boards.
Pähtz was still level until move 47, before she slipped into a losing position in a difficult position. Heinemann drew in a position in which she was winning, at least according to the live broadcast. Klek was in a much better position, close to winning, and also only played a draw. Only Wagner had no swings, and this was also a draw.
There are days when it just shouldn't happen. The German women had one such day today. However, more important than identifying and correcting your own mistakes is to overcome this defeat psychologically and start the last four rounds with renewed vigor.

In the men's competition, Donchenko sat out once again. It is not known whether he needed another day of rest or whether the illness that put team captain Jan Gustafsson out for a day also affected Donchenko. It is not unusual for illnesses, especially infections, to spread at such championships and affect the teams one after the other or simultaneously.

After a dry spell, Donchenko is actually back on his way to top form. Another consideration could have been that Kollars, who played on board 4 instead of Donchenko, had a new idea against the pawn-stealing variation and showed it in round 5 against Armenia. But his opponent found the right answers and the game ended in a draw, just like Svane's game with white on board 2. But Blübaum and Keymer, each playing with black, got full points and Germany won convincingly 3-1 and climbed to sole lead in the table!

Tomorrow, Romania, one of the favorites, will be waiting for the German team. My tip is that Kollars will sit out. The German women will play against the Netherlands. It will be another exciting day at the European Championships in Montenegro.

Photo: Organizer