Frauenbundesliga startet kommendes Wochenende

Women’s Bundesliga starts next weekend

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Women's chess is becoming more and more the focus of attention. Women's chess is important for driving forward the development of chess in general. If it remains a purely male event in which over 90% of the players are men, as is currently the case, it will not be easier to develop chess in the future.
An important component of women's chess is team sport. Here, professionals can earn a relatively regular income and talented players can compete with the best players in the world or play on a team with them.
The women's national league is played with 12 teams, spread over 5 weekends. The defending champion is Schwäbisch Hall. Schwäbisch Hall also had a strong team in the chess national league a few years ago. However, due to internal disputes, a decision had to be made as to which team would be allowed to continue. The decision fell on the more successful women, who won all their matches last year.

This year, the Halle team is once again one of the favorites. With a large and strong Georgian faction, but without a single German player.

If a team bears the name OSG Baden-Baden, it has the ambition to win titles, and that is also the case this season. In addition to the two top players Elisabeth Pähtz and Dinara Wagner, the Muzychuk sisters and Alexandra Kosteniuk are also registered.

Things will get exciting in the women's national league starting on Saturday! Unfortunately, live boards are not mandatory, so the keen chess fan can often only look up the results on the Internet.