Der Macher hinter chess-results, Heinz Herzog

The creator behind chess-results, Heinz Herzog

Almost everyone who has ever taken part in a chess tournament knows the Swiss Manger draw tool and the chess-results tournament website. But who is actually behind it?
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Episode 216 of the podcast "Schachgeflüster by Chess Tigers" is online.

He turned down a purchase offer of €500,000 in order to preserve his independence: Heinz Herzog. The Viennese is the creator behind two of the most powerful chess tools: Swiss Manager, the world's No. 1 draw software, and chess-results, the world's most famous chess tournament website. Only through a completely failed conversation with the Wiener Zeitung newspaper was chess-results able to take on the form it has today.

Herzog reports how it all began, why he takes part in every Chess Olympiad on behalf of FIDE and why it is not so easy for him to find a successor.