Christian Glöckler ist Doppel-Europameister

Christian Glöckler is double European champion

There was a double success for Germany at the European Youth Blitz and Rapid Chess Championships. The European Championships took place from September 28th to 30th in Terme Catez, Slovenia, in various age groups.
Christian Glöckler, born in 2011, Fide master with an Elo of 2334 points, was not only the clear favorite in the U12 age group in Terme Catez, but is now considered the upcoming superstar of German chess in Germany. Numerous examples before him have shown that one should be cautious with such assessments. But the way he plays and the calm he exudes off the board are unparalleled. And then under the pressure of having to live up to the role of favorite twice... All indications that a large part of the German chess future is growing up here.
It certainly helps that Glöckler is being coached by the experienced trainer GM Thomas Pähtz. Pähtz, who has already shaped his children, Thomas junior and Elisabeth, into strong players and has also had a positive influence on many other strong talents, knows the pitfalls of the chess scene. He knows exactly what a young player needs, who is currently being pulled at from all sides. Pähtz's most difficult task will be to keep Glöckler's focus on the 64 squares and not to take his exceptional performances for granted too soon.
If you know Pähtz, you know that the chances of achieving this are good.

Glöckler won in Slovenia with ease. Although he did not win the blitz with 9 out of 9 or 18 out of 18, the championships were won relatively safely. He won the rapid chess alone with 7.5 points. It could even have been 8, but in the final round he saw that his opponent had lost and so a draw was enough to win the tournament.
In blitz chess it was a little closer. A final round win was needed to win the tournament as sole winner with 15.5 out of 18, but he was able to secure this important victory too!

So what's next for Glöckler? The Prince program ended a long time ago. Vincent Keymer's rise was also supported by Grenken AG and Baden-Baden. If you come to the conclusion that Glöckler has similar potential to Keymer, and at least the numbers suggest that, then you should support him early on wherever possible. Keymer had roughly the same number at the same age as Glöckler does now.