Carlsen verteidigt Titel

Carlsen defends title

Magnus Carlsen is rapid chess world champion for the fifth time. In Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the Norwegian once again became rapid chess world champion with 10 out of 13, half a point ahead of Vladimir Fedoseev. What was impressive was that the Norwegian, who is increasingly losing interest in classical chess, dominated the field. He made draws when it suited his strategy and otherwise won his games in the classic "Magnus style".

Unfortunately, Vincent Keymer was unable to build on his good form from day 2. After 9 rounds he was still in the chasing pack of exceptional talents, but after 1 out of 4 he was washed back into the depths of the table on the last day. Nevertheless, his draw with black in round 9 against Carlsen is proof that even if he doesn't make it to the Candidates Tournament next year, he is the first player since Naiditsch and Hübner to be back in the absolute top of the world and has a chance of fighting for the world championship in every time control.