2 Medaillen bei Jugend-WM

2 medals at the Youth World Championships

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International youth championships are traditionally a difficult place for German youths. As a rule, many Elo points are lost. This was also the case this time, with players losing a peak of 140 Elo points.
But occasionally there are bright spots and this was also the case at the Youth World Championship from November 13th to 24th in Italy, in the German delegation of 20 players.
In the end, there were at least two medals and it was no strangers who won the coveted precious metal. Leonardo Costa came third in the U16. Magnus Ermitsch even came second in the U14. Two good successes. Some of the younger players were also able to celebrate almost three-digit Elo gains.
However, it will remain difficult in the future to achieve large Elo gains at youth tournaments at international level. In Germany, almost every tournament is now evaluated Elo and German youths are increasing their Elo accordingly quickly. In other countries, it is different.

Nevertheless, it is nice to see that Germany now has many young people who can keep up with the world's best!