Wisnewski: Play 1...Nc6

Wisnewski: Play 1...Nc6


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Autor: Wisnewski, Christof
Verlag: Everyman
Erscheinungsjahr: 2007
Sprache: Englisch

Are you constantly struggling with the black pieces? Can\''t make up your mind which openings to play? Are you looking for something new: an all-in-one solution to your problems? Look no further!
\r\nIn this original book, Christoph Wisnewski, who is renowned for his innovative and adventurous opening ideas, provides the reader with an ambitious and all-encompassing repertoire for Black against every main line opening that White can play, based on the initial move 1...Nc6. The principal components of this black repertoire are the uncompromising Chigorin Defence, a long-time favourite of the brilliant Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich, and the equally tricky Nimzowitsch Defence, advocated by Britain\''s first ever Grandmaster, Tony Miles.
\r\nDrawing upon his wealth of practical experience in this opening, which has produced a remarkable success rate and some notable Grandmaster scalps, Wisnewski uncovers the secrets behind 1...Nc6 and divulges his findings to the reader. He examines both the critical main lines and the tricky sidelines, and provides a thorough grounding in the crucial tactical and positional concepts for both White and Black. Reading through this book will allow you to begin playing 1...Nc6 with skill and assurance in your own games.
\r\n\r\nCoverage of a dynamic repertoire for Black
\r\nWritten by a Chigorin and Nimzowitsch specialist
\r\nDeals with all of White\''s main openings
\r\n268 Seiten, 2007, kartoniert, englisch.'