guide to rook endings

guide to rook endings


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Autor: Grivas, Efstratios
Verlag: Thinkers Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 520

Not all chess players are ready to face a dangerous opening like the Grivas Sicilian, or any other open form of the Sicilian Defense of course, so an alternative set-up is on the quest. White has plenty of choices after 1.e4 c5; these choices sometimes are quite sound, and some others are simply crap!

We must be trained not only in concrete opening moves, but on the middlegame, the endgame and the tactical part of the opening in question. And this is exactly what this book offers: a complete structural think-tank on the non-open form of the Sicilian Defense.

There are no good or bad openings there are openings you understand and openings that you do not understand. And understanding comes by studying and applying the absorbed Knowledge!

Efstratios Grivas (1966) is a highly experienced chess trainer and author. He has been awarded by FIDE the titles of IGM, Senior Trainer, International Chess Arbiter and International Chess Organiser. His main successes over the board are the Silver Medal Olympiad 1988 (3rd board), the Gold Medal European Team Championship 1989 (3rd board) and the 4th place World Junior Championship U20 1985.

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