Schandorff: Playing 1.d4 - The Indian Defences (Paperback)

Schandorff: Playing 1.d4 - The Indian Defences (Paperback)


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Autor: Lars Schandorff
Verlag: Quality Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 245

Playing 1.d4 – The Indian Defences is part of an ambitious two-volume repertoire for White with 1.d4. This book covers all lines except 1...d5.

Schandorff presents the ideas and information in an accessible and entertaining style. The repertoire is based on classical lines and inspired by Botvinnik’s approach. White will dominate the centre and repel all Black’s attempts to seize the initiative – only White is allowed to attack!

The repertoire is completed by Playing 1.d4 – The Queen’s Gambit.

Lars Schandorff is a Danish Grandmaster who is renowned for his deep opening preparation


1 Nimzo-Indian
Follow the Patriarch
Various 4th Moves
The 4...b6 Variation
The 4...c5 Variation
The 4...0–0 Variation The Mainline: 6...Bd6
The Mainline: 6...Be7

2 King’s Indian
Various 4th and 5th Moves
Various 6th Moves
Panno Variation
The New Panno Variation
The Old Mainline
The Sämisch Gambit

3 Grünfeld Defence
Smyslov Variation
Prins Variation
Hungarian Variation
The Positional 8.Be2
Modern Mainline: 7...Nc6

4 Modern Benoni
...a6 or ...Na6?
The ...a6-line

5 Benko Gambit
The 5...axb5 Variation
The 5...g6 Variation
The 5...e6 Variation

6 Old Indian
The 5...Nc5 Variation
The 5...Be7 Variation

7 Dutch Defence

8 Minor Lines
A Rare Moves
B Various Benonis
C The Budapest Gambit
D 1...e6 Systems
E The Modern Defence

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