Rogozenko: Anti-Sicilians: A Guide for Black

Rogozenko: Anti-Sicilians: A Guide for Black


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Autor: Dorian Rogozenko
Verlag: Gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 224

'The Sicilian is far and away the most popular chess opening, and many players prefer to side-step the Open Sicilian with one of the Anti-Sicilian systems at White\''s disposal. This book equips Black to fight against all these lines. The Anti-Sicilian systems include: positionally motivated lines such as the 2 c3 Sicilian and the 3 Bb5 systems, slow but tricky attacking lines including the Closed Sicilian and the King\''s Indian Attack, aggressive but loosening ideas like the Grand Prix Attack and a variety of gambits. In the most critical variations, Rogozenko provides a choice between a solid and an aggressive option. He caters for those who meet 2 Nf3 with the three main moves, 2...d6, 2...e6 and 2...Nc6.\r\n\r\nDorian Rogozenko is a young grandmaster from Moldova who lives in Romania. He plays in the German, Romanian and Dutch leagues and has represented his country at four Chess Olympiads. Rogozenko also qualified for the 2001 FIDE World Championship and is a recognized expert on opening theory. This is his first chess book.\r\n\r\n2003, 192 S., kartoniert, englisch.'