Panchenko: Mastering Chess Middlegames

Panchenko: Mastering Chess Middlegames


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Autor: Panchenko, Alexander
Verlag: New in Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 272

Grandmaster Alexander Panchenko (1953-2009)was one of the most successful chess trainers in the Soviet Union, and later in Russia. His legendary chess school specialised in turning promising players into masters.
The secrets of Panchenko’s success were his dedication and enthusiasm as a teacher combined with his outstanding training materials.
Now, his classic Mastering Chess Middlegames is for the first time available in translation, giving club-players around the world access to his unique training method.
The book contains a collection of inspiring lessons on the most important middlegame topics.
In each chapter, Panchenko clearly identifies the fundamentals, formulates easy-to-grasp rules, presents a large number (more than 250) of well-chosen examples and ends with more than 150 practical tests.
The brilliance of Alexander Panchenko’s didactic method shines through in this book.
It is hard to give better advice to ambitious chess players than to follow this tried-and-tested and highly instructive road towards mastering the chess middlegame.

Foreword to the First Edition
Chapter 1: The attack on the king
Chapter 2: Defence
Chapter 3: Counterplay
Chapter 4: Prophylaxis
Chapter 5: Realising an advantage
Chapter 6: Equal positions
Chapter 7: The battle of the major pieces
Chapter 8: Two minor pieces against a rook
Chapter 9: Opposite-coloured bishops with many pieces on the board
Chapter 10: Same-coloured bishops
Chapter 11: Bishop versus knight
Chapter 12: Sample games and endings
Index of Games

Figurine Notation, 272 Seiten, 2015, kartoniert, englisch.