Jarmula: The Najdorf Bg5 Revisted - Volume 1

Jarmula: The Najdorf Bg5 Revisted - Volume 1


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Autor: Jarmula, Lukasz
Verlag: Thinkers Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 352

Do you relish the prospect of setting your opponent awkward problems from the early start of the game? If so, you should just continue reading, for in the Bg5 Najdorf, it’s every man for himself, and only the best informed and most creative resourceful player survive. The Bg5 variation gives White very dangerous attacking ideas, and Blacks really needs to know a precise defense to come out of this variation alive. This book provides weapons that are ideal choices for those who revel in forcing opponents into chaotic and uncomfortable positions.

Lukasz Jarmula, a player and writer of international caliber, will be your truthful guide!

PART I - Minor Lines
011 Chapter 1 - Other moves than 7.f4
039 Chapter 2 - The Polugaevsky Variation
059 Chapter 3 - The Gothenburg Variation
069 Chapter 4 - The 7…Nc6 Variation
073 Chapter 5 - The 7…Qc7 Variation
PART II - The Three Piece System
097 Chapter 6 - Other moves than 10.g4
117 Chapter 7 - Other moves than 13.f5
139 Chapter 8 - Mainline with 13.f5
181 Chapter 9 - Black inserts …h6
PART III - The Gelfand Variation
203 Chapter 10 - Other moves than 8.Qf3
237 Chapter 11 - Other moves than 10.Bd3
257 Chapter 12 - Mainline with 10.Bd3
PART IV - Test Your Knowledge
293 Chapter 13 - Exercises
339 Chapter 14 - Solutions

Born in 1998 Lukasz Jarmula is a 23 year old Polish International Grandmaster. Since 2015 he has represented SV Griesheim in the German Bundesliga. He holds 17 medals from the Polish Youth Championships in all categories: Individual, Team, Rapid and Blitz. In 2016 he shared 2-5th place at the European Youth U18 and in 2014 won the silver medal at the European Youth Team Championship.

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