Johnsen: How to beat the Open Games

Johnsen: How to beat the Open Games


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Autor: Johnsen, Sverre
Verlag: Gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 256

An impressive repertoire book based on the black lines of the Italian game

For years players wanting to take the black side of the Ruy Lopez have had to navigate the alternative lines White can choose after 1 e4 e5. This book gives a choice of dynamic systems for Black, to counter anything White might try in order to avoid the Ruy Lopez – the Scotch, King's Gambit, Italian Game, Four Knights, etc.

Noted opening writer Sverre Johnsen has made extensive use of modern computer engines to overturn ancient assessments, and has found new paths that breathe fresh life into positions long thought to be resolved. It is striking how often in his lines Black is able to seize the initiative.

  • Gives a full repertoire for Black with 1 e4 e5 when White avoids the Ruy Lopez
  • ...Bc5 and ...Nf6 systems both fully covered after 3 Bc4
  • Each chapter starts with a ‘Memorable Game’ to inspire and set the scene

Sverre Johnsen is a chess analyst, researcher, organizer, trainer and writer from Norway. He is author or co-author of several successful opening books, including Win with the London SystemWin with the Stonewall DutchA Killer Chess Opening RepertoireThe Ruy Lopez: A Guide for Black and Win with the Caro-Kann.


Two Knights Defence

007 1) Morphy Attack: 5 0-0

015 2) Morphy Attack: 5 e5

023 3) Duffer Attack (4 Ng5): Introduction and 6 d3

033 4) Duffer Attack: 6 Bb5+ and the Bogoljubow Variation (8 Qf3)

042 5) Duffer Attack: Gunsberg Variation (8 Bd3)

050 6) Duffer Attack: Classical Main Line

062 7) Two Knights Pianissimo

Giuoco Piano

080 8) Giuoco Pianissimo

101 9) Giuoco Piano: Aggressive Lines

113 10) Evans Gambit

Four Knights and Scotch

122 11) Four Knights Ruy Lopez: 4 Bb5

134 12) Scotch Four Knights: 4 d4

145 13) Four Knights: Belgrade Gambit and Minor Lines

153 14) Scotch: 4...Nf6 and the Mieses Variation

168 15) Scotch 4...Bc5: Potter’s 5 Nb3

177 16) Scotch 4...Bc5 5 Nxc6

184 17) Scotch 4...Bc5 5 Be3

Other Open Games

193 18) Ponziani and Rare 3rd Moves

201 19) Vienna: Introduction and Fianchetto Lines

208 20) Vienna: 3 f4

216 21) Bishop’s Opening

226 22) King’s Gambit

238 23) Göring, Danish and Centre Game

248 24) Rare Second Moves

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