Hansen: Secrets of Chess Endgame Strategy

Hansen: Secrets of Chess Endgame Strategy


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Autor: Lars Bo Hansen
Verlag: Gambit
Erscheinungsjahr: 2006
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: paperback
Seiten: 223

A large proportion of chess games are decided in the endgame or in the transition to the endgame, but chess literature has provided relatively little guidance for players seeking to improve their skill in making the vital decisions in these phases of the game. Building on the ideas introduced in his ground-breaking work Foundations of Chess Strategy, Lars Bo Hansen provides a thought-provoking and convincing treatise on how players can maximize the practical problems for their opponents while emphasizing the strengths of their own position. Under his guidance, chess-players will more easily focus on the key elements in the position, and devise plans for exploiting them to the full, and develop a better understanding of which pieces need to be exchanged, and which weaknesses really matter. Figurine Notation, 223 Seiten, 2006, kartoniert, englisch.