Gormally: Tournament Battle Plan (hardcover)

Gormally: Tournament Battle Plan (hardcover)


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Autor: Gormally, Danny
Verlag: Thinkers Publishing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2024
Sprache: Englisch
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 355

Optimize Your Chess Results!

Given the changes in the chess world over the last few years I feel that we badly need an update of how to prepare and out-prepare your opponent during a chess tournament. The pandemic giving rise to vastly underrated junior and amateur players. Online chess taking a much more prominent role. Accusations of cheating makingthe headlines. Social media being used as a tool to educate the chess masses.

All these have lead to a different landscape, but some things stay the same. The player who is willing to analyse and work on chess harder than the rest will still separate his or herself from their peers. In my view, at least 90percent of success in tournament play will come down to how good your calculation and analysis is.

Because that is the bread and butter of Tournament play. This is what I will try to get across in this book, that a chess player will often stand or fall on the quality of analysis and I will discuss the positive and negative role that working with computers has on a players overallstrength. I will also try to explain why my chess fell into a torpor because of an over reliance on computers and how I have recently come to realize that technical deficiencies have often held me back from reaching the higher echelons of the game. And in doing so, and looking at the chess world and trying to explain it from my point of view while following my own progress and that of others I will try to put together a tournament battle plan!

013 Manual Introduction
017 Chapter 1: The thread
033 Chapter 2 An online journey
053 Chapter 3: Do you need a coach?
063 Chapter 4: Control
077 Chapter 5: The endgame engineers
093 Chapter 6: Calculation and the candidates
101 Chapter 7: Bad Chess Habits
117 Chapter 8: Hebden vs Arkell
123 Chapter 9: What Grandmasters do wrong and what you can learn from it
129 Chapter 10: Olympiad 2022
139 Chapter 11: Crushing opening fashion
149 Chapter 12: The torment in Torquay
171 Chapter 13: Snippets from the British
183 Chapter 14: The nightmare in Northumbria
207 Chapter 15: The Queen's gambler
215 Chapter 16: The Viewer
237 Chapter 17: The toughest situations in chess
261 Chapter 18: 2013
279 Chapter 19: Hotel chess, can't afford yer
291 Chapter 20: Titled Tuesday continued
301 Chapter 21: Hastings Diary
315 Chapter 22: King's Gambit Declined
333 Chapter 23: Summary and evals
343 Bonus Chapter: The good and the bad
349 ECO Index

Danny Gormally is an English grandmaster with a peak rating of 2573, who is famous for his attacking style.

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