Angreifen gegen seltene Eröffnungen - ein Repertoire für Schwarz

Attacking against rare openings - a repertoire for Black

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What should you do against rare openings such as 1.f4, 1.Nf3, 1.g3, 1.b3, 1.b4 and 1. g4? As a successful opening specialist, Sergei Tiviakov has a wealth of experience and gives you a complete repertoire for Black in this DVD. At the same time, he explains important basic principles that can help you find the right move even in unknown positions. Tiviakov deals particularly thoroughly with 1.Nf3 - the Reti opening. He shows how Black can react to it and recommends systems that are in line with the Catalan, Queen's Indian and Nimzo-Indian. Tiviakov has already presented these openings on two DVDs, so you get familiar positions against 1.N f3 and avoid unpleasant surprises caused by rearranging moves. The DVD contains a lot of exclusive material, including a large database with a million games, all the games the author has played against the variations discussed since 1986 and many annotated games. This DVD offers a complete and powerful arsenal of variations with which one can successfully combat side variations and rare openings with Black.