Sizilianische Drachenvariante Band 2: Alle Varianten außer 9.Lc4

Sicilian Dragon Variation Volume 2: All variations except 9.Lc4

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The Dragon Variation is one of the bravest and riskiest openings that Black can play, often leading to fascinating positions in which both sides attack furiously. This DVD brings you up to date with the latest theory with grandmaster games, correspondence games and computer games, and offers Black a complete and thoroughly explained repertoire to score better with the Dragon Variation. White players who are afraid of Black's attack in the main lines of the Dragon with 9.Bc4 often opt for 9.0-0-0, 9.g4 or positional variations in which White castles short. Against the best White continuations in these lines, the author recommends solid options for Black, but also covers White's theoretically dubious attempts, looking for ways in which Black can seize the initiative. The DVD is aimed at motivated tournament players who are looking for a sharp but well-founded repertoire with which they can put their opponents under pressure from the start. At the same time, the DVD is aimed at all chess players who want to understand what makes the Dragon, perhaps the sharpest of all chess openings, so fascinating.