Taktik - Von den Grundlagen zu den Hochkarätern - Band 4

Tactics - From the basics to the top-class - Volume 4

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Open games are known to lead to sharp positions. And whenever there is a sharp position, we also have many tactical options! In this 4th part of his Tactics series, FM Valeri Lilov focuses specifically on tactics in open games. The DVD deals, among other things, with the fundamental question of why this branch of the opening is so tactically intensive and what you can do to avoid being ambushed early after 1.e4 e5. In his instructive topic lessons, the author also takes the time to explain a series of tactical methods and techniques that can be used to exploit the opponent's mistakes, which are most common in open games. To this end, the FIDE master has carefully selected many instructive games and positions that are typical for the King's Gambit, the Vienna Game and the Two Knights Game, among others. There are plenty of tactics in open games, but we never know who will spot a blow first and thus gain a decisive advantage! So why not follow Lilov's step-by-step method - and add powerful tactical motifs to your games by placing your pieces boldly in sharp positions? Because that's half the battle for your next great victory! Video time: 4 hours 12 minutes (English)