Taktik - Von den Grundlagen zu den Hochkarätern - Band 3

Tactics - From the basics to the top-class - Volume 3

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Tactics! And again, the question is: Do you want to improve your chess quickly, right now? In this tactics DVD for advanced players, FM Valeri Lilov also uses his innovative teaching method for tactics, this time tackling more complex topics that arise on the board when a fleeting combination of certain motifs and patterns happens to lurk in the position. Of course, it is not easy to recognize these brief moments under time pressure in a tense tournament game, but Valeri is there to open your eyes and help you spot these gems in your position immediately! Look forward to a fabulous parade of amazing ideas and beautiful combinations, because the Bulgarian author has filtered out the ultimate selection of the most complicated tactics problems with their ingenious solutions for you. The topics range from “The hole in the fianchetto” to “The seventh rank.” But that's not all! How about a combination where a “bait lures into a pin”? You will find everything you cannot find in other tactics books on one DVD, compiled for you personally! Enjoy FM Valeri Lilov's training once again and take your tactics skills to the next level - now! Video playing time: 4 hours.